Юридическое и бухгалтерское сопровождение бизнеса в России

Юридическое и бухгалтерское сопровождение бизнеса в России

Structuring funds and investments

Structuring is the detailed development of a fund scheme or investment transaction in order to minimize financial, tax and legal risks for the parties.

Usually, the structuring service is provided as part of transaction support, in the process of attracting investors or project financing, debt restructuring for the client.

We provide services to Russian and foreign investors when making direct and portfolio investments abroad and when investing in Russian assets.

Our services include:

Participation in the development of the most acceptable form of collective investment (fund): investment partnership, limited partnership, master/feeder fund, holding company in Russian or foreign jurisdiction.

Creation and registration of the fund.

Administration, taking into account not only legal requirements, but also investor recommendations regarding the fund's reporting, including in English

The choice of optimal ways and forms of "entry" into the project from a legal and tax point of view, participation in the project, "exit" from the project / repatriation of profits, as well as issues of financing and cash flow.

Analysis of the investment object, including:

Legal, Financial and Tax Due Diligence (due diligence)

Identification of risks and preparation of recommendations for their elimination

Collecting information from official sources about counterparties, companies and their shareholders and assets, including foreign (offshore) companies

Structuring and direct support of a turnkey investment transaction – from participation in the development of conditions to the “closing” of the transaction, including:

Preparation of necessary documents

Representation and participation in negotiations

Assistance in making payments

Assistance in obtaining the necessary approvals of state (authorized) bodies, including antimonopoly authorities (FAS)

Implementation of registration and notification actions

We help to make investing tax-efficient and legally safe, including the best way to regulate in detail your relationships with partners, investors, shareholders, creditors and other participants in investment projects.


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